As a wine sommelier Sepideh is always seeking the right balance in her dishes and her life. Find out how she pursues her passion and relaxes at home.

Sepideh Sedaghatnia

In 2015 Sepideh Sedaghatnia opened her own wine bar in Antwerp, called Divin by Sepi. The roots of her passion lie in Iran where, as a child, she helped her father to make wine. Even today she remains intrigued by the complexity of wine, and continues to create unusual taste combinations and search for a lovely balance for her guests and herself. We spoke to Sepideh about her passion, craftsmanship and exactly what the balance means to her.

Wine, a timeless passion

“You can only become a good wine sommelier by gaining experience and being brave enough to experiment”, in Sepideh’s opinion. “I have been doing it for so long, yet I still find the world of wine intriguing. I love to look deeper, stay up to date and take the time to absorb flavours, aromas and colours. Finding the perfect match in surprising taste combinations, such as port with stilton cheese, gives me great satisfaction.”

The story is important too“

A wine attracts my attention if it is made with passion and knowledge”, says Sepideh. “And actually, that applies to everything in my business, from wine styles to plates and even furniture. I keep an eye out for small producers, exclusive products and authenticity. After all, the story and the feeling that goes into it are important as well. Something that I also recognise with Recor Home. Take the Brunello sofa for example. It matches the type of wine perfectly. Both cool and elegant, with attention to detail. The velvet is very appropriate. I call it craftsmanship.”

In balance

“When doing a wine tasting it’s all about balance and the quality of that balance! You only get the most out of something when everything’s right.” According to Sepideh, the worlds of hospitality and wine are very complementary. “Wine brings tranquillity to a hectic life. When I get home after a day at work I only relax completely after collapsing in my comfortable chair with a glass of wine. I never manage to get to sleep immediately after a busy and successful evening shift, and a moment of reflection in my cosy nest, all nice and comfy, is exactly what I need to restore the balance.”

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