Decorating your living room: with this advice, all your furniture will be in the right place.
Are you best to put your seat under the window, or just opposite it? What if you want to integrate your dining room into your living room? And how do you create an open, spacious feeling in your living room? A few simple tips and a handy app on your phone will take you a long way.

Think about the functions of your living room

Before you can get started with your interior design, you first and foremost determine the functions of your living room. This is an important step in the furnishing process, because if you don't provide a workstation while working from home one day a week, then you'll be able to make the most of your time in the living room.

Make a list of which functions your living room should perform, for example:

- television room
- home office
- dining area

Then you determine the requirements for each function. For example, for the TV room:

- cable connection
- chair with relax function
- sufficient sockets
- curtains so we can watch TV during the day

Determine the layout of your living room

Now that you know what you will be doing in your living room, you can get started with your interior design. View function per function and adjust them to the floor plan of the living room. Keep enough space free for open space, which promotes peace and coziness. For the seating area, start with your salon. Opposite you place the TV cabinet. Pay close attention to the incidence of light, and make sure that you can exclude daylight if you want to watch TV during the day. Little space? Then go for side tables instead of a solid coffee table. You can move them as it suits you best. You don't want to have a view of the desk area (and the associated rubbish) of your living room from your couch? Then a folding screen is a nice solution. You plan the dining area as close to the kitchen as possible, so you don't have to walk too far with hot dishes and plates.

Need advice on how to place your furniture?

Call on the handy Record-Home app. In the app you can draw the floor plan of your living space. Then the design starts: you choose the furniture you want, in the version that suits your style. Drag and drop the furniture into your floor plan, and the app will automatically turn it into a 3D room. So you see immediately how well your new furniture fits into your interior.

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