Ardenne, what’s in a name
Scandinavians are masters at finding happiness in the little things. In a cup of coffee, in nature, in each other. A source of inspiration for the Ardenne collection.

Coming home Scandinavian style

Scandinavians are among the happiest people in the world and that has everything to do with their lifestyle. Lagom, hygge, fika... every one of them concepts inciting us to halt the daily rush. Coming home Scandinavian style stands for relaxation and more specifically for finding happiness in everyday life. Slumped in your chair under a soft blanket. A log crackling on the fire. Exchanging a look and deciding to stay in and snuggle together. As simple as that.


The product names in the Ardenne collection refer to coffee terms. Because in addition to a tasty beverage coffee also represents a moment of conviviality. Think of the Swedish word ‘fika’, which means consciously taking the time to enjoy a cup of coffee, each other’s company and a cosy break. We translated the concept into soft lines, wood and natural hues. In short, a cosy interior that keeps up your happiness hormone levels.

From coffee to furniture

Every piece of Ardenne furniture reflects the properties of the name it’s been given. For instance, a Lungo sofa is a basic piece of furniture with subtly changing details, just like the drink. A Barista sofa is a bit more eye-catching but very inviting to spend time on with the entire family. Hence the comfy armrests and soft upholstery. Just like the beans, a Robusta closet has a sturdy exterior and an intense interior, with a range of colours to choose from.

So you see, the world of coffee can’t be summed up in a single cup, let alone in a single piece of furniture. That is why our designers left ample room for personal touches within the collection.

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The Scandinavian lifestyle is the reason the Danes are one of the happiest nations in the world. A well-chosen source of inspiration for our Ardenne collection. Discover the story behind the collection here. Why did we translate the simplicity of a Lungo in the sofa? And why does the dining room set have the characteristics of a Robusta bean? Read it here!

Lungo, Barista, Robusta,... The furniture names in the Ardenne collection refer to coffee terms. Click here and discover why.

Swedish - A cosy get-together, with a good cup of coffee and a Swedish pastry.

Danish - The Danish art of life.