Dansaert, what's in a name?
The Dansaert neighbourhood in Brussels is the place where you can see today what tomorrow will bring. It's the place to be for the latest in fashion, design, cuisine and culture, and it also serves as the inspiration behind the Dansaert collection.

At home with Brussels flair

Space might come at a premium in Europe's capital city, but that doesn’t stop its citizens from living life on a grand scale. The city's young inhabitants spend their tight budgets on even tighter amounts of living space, but they certainly fill them to the brim with personality. “Mainstream” is not in their vocabulary, and neither is “sitting still”. To the people of Brussels, coming home means taking some time to relax and gather their thoughts — before heading back out into their metropolis. In other words: a non-stop lifestyle with a generous serving of individuality, reflected in our Dansaert collection as contrast, eye-popping colours and bold shapes.

The Antoine Dansaert neighbourhood

The Brussels neighbourhood that gave our Dansaert collection its name is home to lots of creative minds, who fill this trendy urban quarter with a unique vibe. Locals quench their thirst for the new by sipping coffee at BarBeton — one of Dansaert’s real gems — relax at Café Monk, browse music to their hearts’ content at Seymour Kassel Records... only to meet someone there that invites them to a jazz concert by an emerging talent at Archiduc. Life in Dansaert never stands still — and we wouldn't have it any other way.

From quartier to character

Hip, urban and downright dynamic are just some of the words that spring to mind when describing the items in our Dansaert collection. For example, the Kastar dining table can be instantly transformed into a flexible office space for home workers thanks to its hidden cable tray. The lush Vedet sofa morphs into a sofa bed in no time at all. And the Archiduc seating range grows with its owners: from an armchair in student lodgings to a fully-fledged sofa for him and her. Every item is a space-saver, but with plenty of room for personality. All in all, an interior range with real character.

Discover our BXL shelving, our Monk poufs and our Zinneke lounge chair. Or head over here to find out how visual artist Musketon has found the perfect match for his passion, his drawing style and his lifestyle in our Dansaert collection.

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