The five commandments of small living
Compact living is hot. It is budget friendly, ecological, and cosy. Fortunately, the latter doesn’t mean you have to miss out on a lack of space. We reveal how a small living space feels more spacious thanks to using the right light, colours, and multifunctional furniture. Because small living is first and foremost smart decor!

#1 Opt for light colours

Small spaces are best painted in neutral hues because these reflect light. And, these will influence the ambience more than you might think. For example, white hues with blue undertones make the walls seem further away. Warm white hues with yellow or red undertones create a cosy ambience. You can then ‘cheer up’ the works with cushions, flowers, and accessories with accented colours.

#2 Hang up mirrors

Flatter your vanity by hanging up large mirrors at different places. The room will literally seem to double in size. And, place a mirror on the walls that receive the most daylight, which increases the feeling of spaciousness even more.

#3 Opt for smart furniture

Every inch counts, so it’s best to have multifunctional furniture in your home. Sofa beds are great and there are even dining tables that convert into a flexidesk thanks to an in-built cable duct. Or, what about a side table that is also a book shelf? And, how about a wide window sill that serves as a desk top or reading corner? 

#4 Dare to show off

Small spaces, small furniture? Think again because eye-catchers make everything around them look bigger. So, opt for an eye-catcher in your interior, such as a large work of art, an impressive sliding wardrobe with marble leaves or an eye-catching corner sofa. It’s best to place the latter a few centimetres from the walls to increase the feeling of spaciousness.

#5 Get rid of clutter

The biggest enemy of a small home? Clutter! So, opt for a bed with a storage drawer, place some fruit crates under the salon table, or opt for a pouf where you can hide away blankets and extra cushions.

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