These recliners combine stylish design with comfort.
Who says a recliner is classic or old-fashioned? The latest lounge sofas combine the comfort of a relax with the sleek design.

Relaxing chairs: relaxing on your own

Would you like to sit alone in a reclining chair? Then a recliner is the best choice for you. Choose an electric model anyway: that's much more convenient to operate. Gadgetfan? Then go for a USB connection for your smartphone. And if you have back problems, an automatic trip aid is very handy.

Seats with relax function: a saloon with a plus

You're a real social animal, and you don't want to watch television in a separate armchair. But you do want to sit on the couch in a comfortable way. Then you just choose a beautiful salon with a relaxing function? In this way, you can transform one or more seats in your salon into a real relaxation in a jiffy. Electrically operated head and footrest or USB connection? Everything is possible.

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