Hermitage, what's in a name?
The wine world cultivates many types of grapes, each one with its own character. Merlot, Chianti, Brunello, Lambrusco… We have translated several of these classic wines into a luxurious collection that toasts life. After all, that’s what the Hermitage collection is all about: savouring life.

Coming home to a glass of wine

Someone who comes home and settles down on the sofa with a glass of wine really knows how to enjoy life, wine, relaxation, and soft pillows to the fullest. And just like wine does in oak barrels, this attitude allows happiness to age well. Coming home to decompress over a glass of wine also means restoring balance within yourself, just like wine can do for a recipe.

Tasting and savouring

The Hermitage collection product names refer to wine grapes. After thousands of years of wine culture, there are now over one hundred varieties of grapes. They each have their own unique flavour, colour, scent, and nuances, which are constantly appreciated by wine connoisseurs and sommeliers. Our designers were also inspired by this range of characteristics. We translated several classics by vineyards with a strong wine tradition into timeless pieces of furniture with warm materials, elegant designs, and alluring details. Together, they are the Heritage collection.

From grape to furniture

Every piece of Hermitage furniture reflects the characteristics of the grape after which it was named. For example, just like the wine, the Chianti sofa is full-bodied and romantic. The Brunello sofa is both bold and incredibly elegant thanks to the delicate legs and the velvety soft feel. The playful Marsala chair can be combined in a surprising number of styles, just like its youthful wine counterpart. Are you looking for something subtler? The Merlot sofa has a refined look that combines fabric, leather, and wood into a classy whole.

Discover the Loire cabinet, the Muscat side tables, the Lambrusco corner sofa, and the Grappa sofa bed as well. Or read here to find out why sommelier Sepideh Sedaghatnia is so enamoured of the Hermitage collection.

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