Hooray for the Bauhaus centenary!
In 1919, the Bauhaus art movement dawned in the German city of Weimar. Under the guidance of the progressive architect Walter Gropius, and then later under Mies van der Rohe, the new school embodied a functional, modern, and minimalistic architecture. In 1933, the Nazis forced Bauhaus to close its doors. Nevertheless, the legacy of ideas still lives on a century later. A toast to this revolutionary movement!

Functional architecture

Gropius, the founder, was clear about one thing. Architecture, painting, interior design, sculpture, textiles, and ceramics blended into a whole at his school. The Bauhaus motto? Functionality above all else. There was no place for frivolous frills in this new style of architecture. In contrast, geometric figures fit perfectly in this less is more picture. 


Primary colours

With respect to colour, the movement has a clear preference for the primary colours red, yellow, and blue. As a teacher, painter Johannes Itten introduced his famous colour theory to the Bauhaus, where strong contrasts are key. Warm versus cold, colour versus contrasting colour, and white versus black. Did someone just say minimalism? 

Industrial modernism

Whoever thinks about Bauhaus architecture envisions minimalistic buildings made of steel and cement. Sounds desolate? This is without taking into consideration the massive expanses of glass. In its turn, Bauhaus furniture exudes its industrial side with pure materials and simple geographical designs. 


The end of Bauhaus?

In 1923, school subsidies were rescinded, so Gropius and his followers decided to relocate to Dessau. However, the Bauhaus school was also considered to be too communistic and the Nazis closed it for good in 1933. Fortunately, its ideology was spread around the globe by its supporters in the years following. And, now, it is celebrating its centenary. Happy birthday, Bauhaus! 

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