It’s in the details: Nagoya
The Japanese interior inspired designer Frederik Delbart to design a sofa with simplicity as the key element. At first glance, it does not demand much attention with respect to space, but did show an eye for detail. It’s a comfortable sofa that proves that design and comfort can go hand in hand. We closely examine the unique details of this apparently floating piece of furniture that, despite its simplicity, entices you to (remain) sitting.

Subtle lines

The Nagoya has clean lines and curves that merge smoothly together just like in traditional Japanese architecture and interior art. The sitting surface starts with a straight line that appears to be interwoven with the back. And the accompanying salon table with a composite top fits almost seamlessly into the whole. The secret to the all-embracing, but subtle lines? Ingenious proportions and optimum comfort.

Memory foam

This sleek sofa is comfortable due to the memory foam that gives with your weight when you sit on it. When you get up, it returns to its original shape. It was a challenge for the design team that had to find the right foam composition. Not too static for adequate comfort, but with sufficient resilience to ensure a very long lifespan.

Inviting materials

It’s important that a material is chosen that feels comfortable and remains beautiful so that the sofa can be enjoyed to the fullest. The material must also give when sat on and recover nicely after use. For example, the rough-looking Halle material is stable and soft to the touch. It gives the Nagoya a unique look in combination with a leather sitting surface or backrest.

door Frederik Delbart
Frederik was born in Leuven on the 8th of October, 1988. He studied Industrial Design at the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Visuels de La Cambre. Later, he started as designer at Bram Boo and as senior designer at Philips Lighting. He also taught Technical Industrial Design at La Cambre and was a guest lecturer at the Solvay Business School. He currently has his own design studio and works for brands such as Cosentino, Quincalux, Moome and Van Den Weghe. In addition, he holds the position of Design Director at Recor.

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