5 simple tips to make your living room a little more cosy
Your living room is undoubtedly the sign of your house, where you receive guests and spend many hours. So it's only logical that you want your living room to be as attractive and cozy as possible. But cosiness is of course very personal. That's why 5 simple tips in every interior the coziness meter quite high chase.

1. Provide a comfortable seat

Your sofa is the heart of your living room. Reading, watching TV, resting, sleeping, eating, talking: what aren't you doing in it? So choose a sofa that suits your family, and think carefully about the activities you plan to do in your sofa. Even a leather sofa can perfectly fit into a cozy interior. But choose a warm colour and add an extra portion of softness with a mountain of fluffy cushions.

2. Create a photo wall

Your interior is a reflection of who you are. And what better way to show who is important in your life than through a very personal photo wall? Go for single-colour frames, with colour photos, or coloured frames with black-and-white photos. Or start a collection of vintage photo frames - the different sizes make your photo wall more interesting.

3. Textiles = conviviality

Plaids, blankets, pillows, carpets: textiles immediately add a whole lot of warmth to your living room. That textile can also hang on your walls, because the tapestry is back from the past. A big advantage is that you can easily change plaids and cushions as the season changes. In winter go for soft wool, sheepskin, fluffy cushions in warm colors. Daylight saving time? Then it's time to bring out the fresher colours and cheerful prints.

Accessories provide the personal touch that gives your home that unique home feeling.

4. The more plants, the better

"Trop is too much" doesn't exist when you talk about plants in your living room. The urban jungle is here to stay! Make a real plant corner, or spread the green throughout your living room: everything is possible. Tip: there is no such thing as wrong plants, there are also female tongues and cacti. With plants, you not only bring nature into your living room, you also purify the air in your home. Win-win!

5. Accessories finish it

A living room with only furniture in it, that is not a "living space". Accessories provide the personal touch that gives your home that unique home feeling. Just like the rest of your interior design in your living room with the latest accessories show who you are. You know: ceramics is on a true revival. Forget your aunt's twisted pots, this kind of handmade ceramics is of a completely different order. Also all the way back: fringes. The fabric strips or "floshkes" make their comeback with lampshades, curtains, plaids and tapestries. Plenty of choice to give your living room that homely warmth.

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