Combining new and old furniture, how do you do that?
Suppose your dining table and chairs need to be replaced, but your sideboard can still be used for a while. Or you'd like to combine your grandmother's cupboard with your new sofa. Is that possible? And how do you start something like that? Recor Home gives you tips on how to stylishly combine old and new furniture in your home.

Determine which lifestyle suits you best

A tight loft with a sofa from the 50's or a renovated farmhouse with a design interior. Of course you can perfectly combine old and new furniture. As long as you take a number of essential rules into account.

Ask yourself the question: what style should my interior radiate? Contemporary and avant-garde? Hip and urban? Or more modern rural? Because once you've determined the direction, it's also easier to fill it out with the right furniture.

Pimp your old furniture to fit into your new interior

Maybe you have a new coffee table in mind, because it fits better with your new sofa? Use your old coffee table as a table behind your bed. Those old dining chairs look great as a coat hanger in your bedroom. And why not paint the sideboard and turn it into bathroom furniture? Use a carpet as a "transition" from old to new, to bring more harmony. Be adventurous anyway: mix & match and bring out the best in your furniture.

Use neutral colours to keep the peace and quiet

Do you combine old furniture with some new, eye-catching pieces? Then choose a neutral colour palette for your walls. White or black is the perfect canvas to display your statement pieces against. Do you prefer more colour? Then use complementary colours that are found in your furniture and accessories, but avoid mixing too many colours. That makes the space crowded and overwhelming. Less is more, in this case.

Not quite sure about the combination?

Kies dan meubels uit die tot dezelfde collectie behoren om te combineren met één of enkele oudere stukken. De samenstelling van een meubelcollectie gebeurt door verschillende ontwerpers en specialisten. Je kunt er dus vanop aan dat de meubels perfect op elkaar zijn afgestemd, zowel qua kleur, stof als stijl.



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