Combining colours in your interior: these tips will make it child's play.
Decorate and decorate your home as neutrally as possible? Fortunately, that time is long gone. Showing colour is allowed again! But how do you get started when the whole color world is at your feet? Recor Home gives useful tips on which colors you can combine in your interior.

Determine the feeling for the space

An important tip before choosing colours for your room: what feeling do you want this room to give you? Peace and quiet, for a bedroom or reading corner, for example. Or just extra energy in the study or the kitchen. Colours also have an effect on how we feel, and influence us unconsciously. For example, we get more hungry in a red dining room, we feel more sleepy in a blue bedroom and we relax in a light green living room ...

Take into account the incidence of light and the dimensions of the room.

A long, narrow corridor with dark furniture, accessories and walls reinforces the oppressive feeling. Use for small spaces so prefer light, bright combinations. Another tip: always look at your new colours in artificial light and daylight. So you can be sure that the grey you chose for your desk doesn't look purple on a sunny day.

Don't use too many different colors ...

Feel free to do your own thing in your home, because today your interior may / should be a reflection of who you are. Do you think it's okay? Then it's fine. There is no official limit to how many colours you can use in one room. But "the more souls, the more joy" is not always true when it comes to colors. How do you know it's a little too much of a good thing? When the space makes you restless and gives you a feeling of tightness. Two primary colours and two or three secondary colours are really sufficient. Use the colours in such a way that you create resting points for your eyes in the room.

...but not too little either.

The colors in your house tell your story. Do you choose colours that are too tone-on-tone, without the occasional peak or a statement piece in a striking colour? Then the whole soon predictable and misses your home personality and appearance. The solution? Use a number of colors that are not in your basic palette of the colors of your home. They give your interior a little more schwung and pit.

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