What style suits me best?
Do you go for modern country style living or are you more of the eclectic type? Is design your thing? Or does the Scandinavian feel appeal to your senses? Find a style that suits you, and turn your house into a home. We’ll give you a helping hand help and have listed five inspiring interiors to choose from.

Modern country style: homely and cozy

A country style interior will turn any house into a warm, cozy and welcoming home. A true oasis of peace to relax, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The latest trend in interior styling, is modern country living. Beige, gray and earthy tones set the trend, along with other lighter colors inspired by nature. Natural materials such as wood, wool and furs fit perfectly with the elegant and stylish tones of this contemporary classic style. 

Tip: alternate with clean and slick elements such as black steel windows or glass doors with a black steel finish. Give your home a luxurious look and feel, whilst retaining a homely and traditional character. > View our furniture for a country style interior

Contemporary and avant-garde

Design is not just about sculpting an interior, it's a way of living. It’s a way to celebrate beauty and give your home a high-end feel, without losing the warm feeling of a true home. To create a design interior, you are best to choose a few statement pieces,  furniture that you know will last 30 years and will, in time, become a timeless classic. 

Concrete floors - whether polished or not  - remain a hit. White-black as a color combination is often used in interior design, to emphasize the sleekness of an interior. Choose exciting combinations such as wool and leather and alternate simple lines with elegant curves.

Scandinavian: contemporary creativity

If you’ve never heard of a Scandinavian interior, you must have been living underground for the last few years Recently, the Nordics have dominated interior design magazines with their fresh, light colors, natural wood and graphic prints. With their interior design, Scandinavians compensate as much as possible for the lack of daylight in the winter. 

The Scandinavian interior style is no longer a trend, but has become a true style which keeps on evolving. In addition to pastels, you can see a rise in the popularity of earthy colours. Choose a fabric armchair with soft cushions and matching plaids. Copper accessories are replaced by gold gadgets, and the focus is increasingly on the ecological aspect.

Trendy combinations

You have your own idea about what is hip and timeless ? And you have a passion for iconic furniture which you effortlessly blend with vintage accessories? In that case the eclectic interior style is totally your thing.

Different colors and materials create an eclectic interior that is a little bit more adventurous than other living styles. But please note: eclectic cannot be boiled down to a set of recycled stuff. It is a style characterized by high quality furnishings that exude a hip timelessness, all with their own distinctive stylistic elements. In terms of colors don’t be scared to try out colour blocking and exoticism. Be daring but do remain stylish.

Luxury: sink into a warm nest

Sink into luxury and experience pure bliss. Warm, dark colors naturally radiate a secure, safe feeling. The furniture in this genre don’t only look stylish, they are each paragons of comfort and reliability. Opt for this style if you like rich, elegant materials that are durable. With the right lighting you can put your carefully chosen eye-catchers in the spotlight.

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