Zoute, What's in a name?
Zoute, Monte Carlo, Cassis... Each and every one is a luxury seaside resort that exudes luxury, elegance, and imperturbability. And all were sources of inspiration for the Zoute collection.

Coming home in style

Luxury seaside resorts are the perfect place to get some rest and relaxation. The beauty of doing nothing, without having to be haughty, is practised here without disruption. So, coming home here also means being able to enjoy delectable dining and deep discourse. Sinking into the corner chaise lounge with a good glass of wine and some soft jazz. Or artistically studying your favourite canvas from the armchair. It’s life at its best, la dolce vita.

Riva Aquarama

The ultimate symbol of la dolce vita is the Italian Riva Aquarama. This luxurious boat exudes status, style, and joie de vivre. It’s the Italian grandeur of every bon vivant’s dreams. The exceptionally comfortable interior in a colour palette consisting of natural, white, brown, and grey hues combines wood, metal, and concrete. You don’t have to be a connoisseur to see that a Riva is designed with a keen eye for detail and a nose for matching high-quality materials. This is a leitmotif that runs through the entire Zoute collection.

From seaside resort to furniture

Every piece of Zoute furniture whisks you away to dreams of your favourite seaside resort. The comfortable backrest and stylish upholstery of the Cassis relax armchair will invoke dreams of sunny days on the Côte d’Azur. The Alassio chair transports you to Ristorante, where the aroma of fish fried on the skin, with a little oregano and white wine, will send your senses into a frenzy of delight. And the atypical graining in the Otranto cabinet will undoubtedly make you think of an olive orchard and the oasis of peace that can be found there.

Life in these sumptuous seaside resorts is not reflected in just a single piece of furniture. Much more important are the feelings that these invoke, which are different for each person. That’s why our designers have left sufficient room in the collection for everyone to interpret in their own way to suit their preferences.

Discover the Monte Carlo three-piece suite, the Levante coffee tables, and the San Remo sofa bed as well. Or read here to find out why musician Jef Neve is so enamoured of the Zoute collection.

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