Filip Janssens was born on January 29, 1964 in Belgium and trained as a Latin regent. He is a self-taught furniture and interior designer and designed custom furniture for his own home in 2003 with separate open and closed modules, somewhat like Lego blocks. The starting point was that the furniture could be broken down and rebuilt in another abstract geometric composition. In 2008 he started his own design agency to further develop his personal vision on customization and furniture design. In addition to custom furniture, Filip Janssens also designs serial furniture and lighting such as the Flex collection in-house, the Jointed Collection for design label Serax, the Loop Lights for design label Per Use and Fusion and Sculpt for design label Recor Home. In the context of Makeable (Bos +), Filip Janssens developed the Lunair light objects in 2018 made of recycled material from residual flows of wood and natural stone of marble. Lunair won a Henry van de Velde Award 2020 in the Design-led Crafts category.