Recor Home - Our story

The story of Recor begins in 1949 in Hasselt in Belgium, when René Corthouts, then 24 years old, starts a mattress production facility. Recor is born. The first mattresses were sewed together by René himself. He wanted to know and feel the final product inside out, so he could guarantee its quality.

Wie zijt ge en wat doet ge hier?

René Corthouts

ené Corthouts was heel begaan met het bedrijf en zijn mensen. Hij kende iedere werknemer, zijn familie en achtergrondsituatie. Zag hij een nieuwe werknemer, dan was dit zijn favoriete openingszin.

Eind jaren 1960 brengt René het bedrijf naar the next level: hij richt de de salonafdeling op, en het aanbod wordt de daaropvolgende jaren sterk uitgebreid.

In 1983 breidt het familiebedrijf uit en stappen Philippe en Christian - de zonen van René Corthouts - mee in het Recor-verhaal.  Heel wat mensen uit Hasselt en omstreken werken bij Recor. Om concurrentieel te blijven wordt in de jaren 2000 sterk in de productiefaciliteiten geïnvesteerd. Zo kan Recor ook in Hasselt blijven produceren. Naast een focus op innovatie, werkt Recor aan een duurzaam beleid door o.a. het beter recycleren van afval.

Behind the façade

Je favoriete salon doorloopt heel wat fases voordat het je voordeur passeert. Neem een kijkje achter de schermen en volg hier onze collecties. Van creatief idee tot schets, van prototype tot jouw eigen customized meubel.



1 How does the design proces start?

Creative director Frederik Delbart and stylist Clara Claes sit down at the design table and brainstorm on the appeal of every collection.Materials, fabrics, colours and impressions are carefully combined into a detailed concept.Watch the video for an inside look.

2 The design

Discover the faces behind the Recor collections in the video.Together, this group of talented designers shape our five collections through their individual contributions.

3 Configurator

Want to bring your dream living room to life? Do it with our configurator, either at home or in the store. Choose any of our models, fabrics, materials, etc. and immediately see how your new living room will look.Designer Cedric Beyens gives a word of explanation.

4 Prototype

As soon as the drawings for a sofa are complete, a prototype is built. This gives all experts a chance to think about the exact mechanics and practical realisation. Then, everything goes through an extensive series of tests to prepare for production.Prototyper Philippe briefly explains.

5 Prototype furniture

Cabinets, tables and other items of furniture are also prototyped before going into production.Prototypers Raf & Mik dot the i's and cross the t's to develop a production-ready model.

6 Production preparation

As soon as a prototype is validated, production preparation starts. All materials and patterns are digitally developed. A lot of craftmanship proceeds this process.

7 Salon production

The real work takes place in the production department, where the wooden frame is built, the sofa is upholstered and then inspected down to the very last detail before being packaged for delivery. Almost home!

8 Furniture manufacture

Production Manager Mark Wouters goes through every step for creating furniture, from the plank to the finished creation, in the production department. It’s an extremely efficient process.

9 Loading and transport

Every finished and packaged piece of furniture has a destination. At the Loading and Transport department, it is carefully loaded into the right truck in the proper position. Ready for one final ride!

10 Shop-in-shop

Haven’t got a clue about interior styling? Pay a visit to our shop-in-shops, where every Recor Home collection was given its own space. The video will show what our stylists are focussing on.

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