5 eye-catchers for your interior
One striking piece of furniture can give your home a real boost. A striking sofa, a stylish coffee table or a sleek shelving unit are all eye-catchers that will give your living room that extra little something. Time to pimp your interior? We have found four eye catchers for you.

1. Osaka,modular shelving

Our Osaka shelving unit is a classic piece of furniture in the making. A timeless piece of furniture that is available in different versions, white and black. If design plays a leading role in your life, this rack is a must have in your home.

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2. Chianti. a sofa that will turn heads

Get the Chianti seat and your living room will never be the same again... The designer of this extravagant top model took his inspiration from the Victorian corset . Challenging and playful, lively and controversial. In short: a sofa that speaks for itself.

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3. Archiduc armchairs tailored to your interior

This armchair series is tailor-made and modular. You can chose how flashy or not you want your armchair to be . Choose high or low walls? Upholstery in fabric, leather or a combo? Each Archiduc-seat is custom made to fit into your loft, office or mansion.

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4. Zaragoza, pouffes with storage function

Velvet is hot! These pouffes are the perfect eye catchers in a trendy lounge. Three together and they’ll make a real statement in your interior, but you can also disperse them for a less conspicuous feel. And they are not only useful as a footstool and side table: take the top off and you have an instant extra storage, to store for example your remote control or magazines.

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5. Cassis, a recliner with attitude

Forget those old recliners from the past. The Cassis lounge chair is the cream of the crop in terms of comfort, combined with a look that is not at odds with a modern design interior. Available in several versions and equipped with the latest technology, such as a USB port and an automatic stand-up assistance.

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