Living in luxury: three luxury materials in the spotlight
Let’s be honest, living in luxury is wonderful. Bare feet walking on a parquet floor, freshening up at your marble basin, a chandelier suspended from the ceiling… A touch of luxury enriches your everyday moments. To curb overindulgence, we look at three of our favourite luxury materials and show you the perfect places for these in your interior.


Are ambience and cosiness the most important to you? Boost the softness of your living room with a velvet sofa. This soft material makes your sofa a deserved eye-catcher and lifts the entire living room to a higher level. And, with a wink to the 1950s. If you’d rather not travel back in time, you can make your modern interior look more extravagant with velvet cushions, curtains, a glamorous pouffe, or cosy bedspread. 

Marble look

Marble has sparked many oohs and ahs since Greek antiquity. And you don’t even need a copy of Michelangelo’s David in your home to achieve the same effect. Opt for a marble floor, worktop, or decoration for a harmonious, luxurious touch. Are you a fan of the extravagant look, but are you looking for something less pricy than this natural stone? Composite tops with a marble look have an equivalent luxurious appearance, but are friendlier to your budget and less porous. So, it’s an ideal top for a side table, sideboard, and so on.

Heart of wood

Do you like a homely touch in your interior? Then wood is the way to go. This natural material feels warm. Which is why parquet is so popular. And, wooden furniture also ranks high. An oak table, scaffold-plank cabinet doors, or teak garden chairs? And, there are as many possibilities as there are types of wood… and that’s a lot. Moreover, wood is timeless and has a very long lifespan. An invaluable investment! 

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