Leather fabrics or sofa: which one do you choose?
It's decided: you buy a new salon. And you already know which model would be perfect in your living room. But there is also the big question: do you choose a fabric or leather sofa? Both versions have their advantages, which we would like to list.

Leather lounge: timeless and durable

A leather sofa fits almost any interior. Whether you opt for avant-garde modernity or a classic and rustic sofa: a leather sofa is a unique piece of furniture in your living room. Leather is a natural product (cowhide and buffalo skin) and always takes into account the ambient temperature. So forget the fable of the cold-touch leather sofa. There are also different qualities of leather available for a sofa. Quality depends on how you treat the skin and the part of the skin you use.

Different types of leather, different qualities

If you choose a leather seat, you must choose between an aniline, semi-aniline or corrected leather covered seat.


Aniline is the most supple, untreated and expensive leather made from grain. We can only use a small part of the animal's skin as aniline leather. You can also see, for example, all the animal's scarlet or mosquito bites in this type of leather. We paint the leather completely, but keep it very natural for the rest. This is why it is more sensitive to dirt, moisture and scratches. On the other hand, this property also gives your seat its own unique patina.


Semi-aniline is actually aniline leather, but with an additional protective layer. This preserves the natural characteristics of aniline leather, but your seat is better protected against dirt, moisture and ageing. The appearance is also more uniform, as a small print is used.

Cutlery, corrected leather

This type of leather is the strongest and cheapest. The leather is first dyed, then sanded and then coated. The natural characteristics of leather disappear a little more, also because an impression is used to give the leather the same appearance everywhere.

Fabric seats: easy to maintain and of high quality

True or false: a fabric living room is less easy to maintain than a leather sofa. Certainly not always true! There are strict quality requirements before the fabrics are used on the seats. For example, friction resistance, stain resistance and colour fastness are extensively tested before reaching your seat. A fabric seat with children or pets can be used without any problems. Then choose the additional protection product Aquaclean. Thanks to this additional protective layer, you can wipe stains off your living room in no time.

And why not a combination: a chair with fabric and leather

Unique to Recor Home: the combination of fabric and leather in one seat. You benefit from the warmth and comfort of a upholstery fabric combined with the elegance of a leather lounge. Something for the daredevils!

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