Are you buying a new seat? You should absolutely be careful with that!
Did your current living room have a good time? Out with the old, in with the new! In the meantime, you have already decided what type of chair is right for your family. And also what style your new chair should look like, that's for sure. But before you decide on the new lounge, first of all: quality is very important for a sofa. So be sure to read this advice before you go to your furniture store.

Choose a wear-resistant padding

Whether you choose a leather or fabric sofa, durability is an important criterion when choosing a new living room. Did you know, for example, that a fabric chair is not necessarily less resistant to wear than a leather chair? Each padding is tested on a number of points, and based on the results, you can be sure that you are getting a quality piece of furniture.

Request quality tests

At Recor Home, we are very strict about quality. We do not only agree with the quality tests of our suppliers. Every animal tissue and skin must meet our own even stricter quality requirements. For example, we test the colour fastness, tensile and abrasion resistance, sunlight resistance and seam strength of our seats.


Think carefully about the filling

Filling a chair is also crucial for the seating comfort you want to experience.

Flake padding: very soft padding for a chair with removable cushions. Ensures that the cushions feel soft and comfortable in the back.

Cold foam: a stronger filling that is easy to get back into shape. Provides good support.

High resilience: high quality padding, harder and more supportive.

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