Modern Classic collection
With 'Modern Classic', Recor Home consciously brings together two concepts that seem to be in conflict with each other. This field of tension is deliberate. Modern Classic offers a wide range of products that make it possible to create your own decors. A stately sideboard, a spacious corner salon, or rather a graceful, slender chair? With the furniture from the Modern Classic collection, you can strike the right balance between grandeur and elegance, or between national chic and outspoken luxury. Modern Classic, aura of elegance and richness
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Urban Contemporary collection
Compact, flexible, modular, rich in contrast, innovative, daring, ... Many synonyms for a versatile collection. With 'Urban Contemporary', Recor Home shows the dynamics of its personality. Tight and minimalist, but equally daring or rich in contrast; in short, design furniture with character. Urban Contemporary, boldness for the brave.
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