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Living in luxury: three luxury materials in the spotlight
Let’s be honest, living in luxury is wonderful. Bare feet walking on a parquet floor, freshening up at your marble basin, a chandelier suspended from the ceiling… A touch of luxury enriches your everyday moments. To curb overindulgence, we look at three of our favourite luxury materials and show you the perfect places for these in your interior.
The 2019 colour trends in interior design
Does interior design really follow colour trends? Absolutely. We see certain tendencies just like in fashion. Although less fickle, it is based on seasons, travel destination, art movements, etc. and is especially influenced by cross-fertilisations from various sectors. Have you already spotted the three major colour trends of this year?
Hooray for the Bauhaus centenary!
In 1919, the Bauhaus art movement dawned in the German city of Weimar. Under the guidance of the progressive architect Walter Gropius, and then later under Mies van der Rohe, the new school embodied a functional, modern, and minimalistic architecture. In 1933, the Nazis forced Bauhaus to close its doors. Nevertheless, the legacy of ideas still lives on a century later. A toast to this revolutionary movement!
The five commandments of small living
Compact living is hot. It is budget friendly, ecological, and cosy. Fortunately, the latter doesn’t mean you have to miss out on a lack of space. We reveal how a small living space feels more spacious thanks to using the right light, colours, and multifunctional furniture. Because small living is first and foremost smart decor!
It’s in the details: Nagoya
The Japanese interior inspired designer Frederik Delbart to design a sofa with simplicity as the key element. At first glance, it does not demand much attention with respect to space, but did show an eye for detail. It’s a comfortable sofa that proves that design and comfort can go hand in hand. We closely examine the unique details of this apparently floating piece of furniture that, despite its simplicity, entices you to (remain) sitting.
What style suits me best?
Do you go for modern country style living or are you more of the eclectic type? Is design your thing? Or does the Scandinavian feel appeal to your senses? Find a style that suits you, and turn your house into a home. We’ll give you a helping hand help and have listed five inspiring interiors to choose from.
How to bring more rest
Hermitage, what's in a name?
The wine world cultivates many types of grapes, each one with its own character. Merlot, Chianti, Brunello, Lambrusco… We have translated several of these classic wines into a luxurious collection that toasts life. After all, that’s what the Hermitage collection is all about: savouring life.