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What style suits me best?
Do you go for modern country style living or are you more of the eclectic type? Is design your thing? Or does the Scandinavian feel appeal to your senses? Find a style that suits you, and turn your house into a home. We’ll give you a helping hand help and have listed five inspiring interiors to choose from.
How to bring more rest
Hermitage, what's in a name?
The wine world cultivates many types of grapes, each one with its own character. Merlot, Chianti, Brunello, Lambrusco… We have translated several of these classic wines into a luxurious collection that toasts life. After all, that’s what the Hermitage collection is all about: savouring life.
Zoute, What's in a name?
Zoute, Monte Carlo, Cassis... Each and every one is a luxury seaside resort that exudes luxury, elegance, and imperturbability. And all were sources of inspiration for the Zoute collection.
Ardenne, what’s in a name
Scandinavians are masters at finding happiness in the little things. In a cup of coffee, in nature, in each other. A source of inspiration for the Ardenne collection.
Dansaert, what's in a name?
The Dansaert neighbourhood in Brussels is the place where you can see today what tomorrow will bring. It's the place to be for the latest in fashion, design, cuisine and culture, and it also serves as the inspiration behind the Dansaert collection.
Expo, what's in a name?
EXPO, WHAT’S IN A NAME The focus of a world’s fair is on how to make life more beautiful. They are each a collection of innovative designs, distinctive ideas, and architectural landmarks, which is why they’re the perfect source of inspiration for the Expo collection.
5 eye-catchers for your interior
One striking piece of furniture can give your home a real boost. A striking sofa, a stylish coffee table or a sleek shelving unit are all eye-catchers that will give your living room that extra little something. Time to pimp your interior? We have found four eye catchers for you.